WRINKLES: What should a Comprehensive Anti-Aging Regime include?

WRINKLES: What should a Comprehensive Anti-Aging Regime include?

February 22, 2019

WRINKLES: What should a comprehensive Anti-Aging Regime include?

Creams for wrinkles, eye creams, and other anti-aging products can help reduce the signs of aging, but they alone are not enough for shiny and youthful skin.

This is reported by the American Dermatological Society (AAD), which notes that women in their 40s and 50s who want an effective anti-aging regimen should start by adopting some basic good habits.

The benefits of a combined approach, AAD experts say, are preventing skin spots, maintaining skin firmness for a longer time, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, keeping the skin lighter and younger, and keeping the skin soft.

Here is what a complete anti-wrinkle treatment program should include:

1. Skin protection from the sun

Ultraviolet radiation is one of the worst enemies of the skin and protection from it is the foundation of every good anti-aging program. Most importantly, however, it clearly reduces the chances of developing skin cancer. To avoid its effects and subsequent photoaging, you have to do three things: apply sunscreen daily (winter and summer) with SPF 20 or higher, try to stay away from the sun at the times of the day that your shadow is shorter than you (especially at noon) and wear a hat as well as long clothing.

2. Avoid the solarium

The solarium operates with ultraviolet radiation, which, as mentioned above, is detrimental to the skin.

3. Daily hydration

As we get older, the skin gets dry and thin lines and wrinkles begin to appear. Moisturizing cream “trap” the water inside the skin, making it look younger. For best results, use moisturizer for the face, moisturizer for the body and lip balm.

4. Clean your face twice a day

For best results, clean with warm (not hot) water and a mild detergent instead of soap. Of course, the choice of the cleansing product depends on the type of skin (an oily skin may need a proper soap while dry skin will need the related emulsion or lotion). Do not rub the skin to cleanse it or dry it.

5. Do not smoke

Cigarette smoke contains toxins responsible for the so-called “smoker’s mask”, for early aging characterized by vertical, deep wrinkles around the mouth. Other signs are dull, dry skin and loss of firmness.

6. Eat healthily

A healthy diet promotes good skin health. Be sure to eat vegetables and fruits, lean proteins, and healthy fats (fish, olive oil).

7. Sleep well

Sleep is necessary for the appearance of the skin because it gives the body the opportunity to repair the damage suffered during the day and to be renewed. The average adult needs at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

The general rule is that you should carefully choose the cosmetics you will use. The two most effective anti-aging products are sunscreens and moisturizing creams that, as mentioned above, should be used daily. Both are so effective that are essential in every skincare regimen.

When you start anti-aging care, let your sunscreen and moisturizer first work for a few weeks. Recheck your skin after a while: Still, has signs of aging that annoy you? If so, set priorities to deal first with what bothers you most. This is recommended for two reasons. Firstly, because there is no cosmetic product that heals all the signs of old age (wrinkles, blemishes, fine lines, pigments, etc.) and secondly, if you use two or more anti-aging products at the same time, there is a risk that after a relatively short period of time you develop skin irritation and your skin appears aged.

It is also necessary to choose products suitable for your skin type – and this applies to all cosmetics, from sunscreen to moisturizers and anti-wrinkle creams. This is important because not all products are effective on all skin types.

Do not forget to read the labels when purchasing cosmetics to choose products that are hypoallergenic and non-acne (i.e products that do not cause skin pores and acne), especially for skins that have an oily tendency.