Face Mapping: What does the Location of Pimples on your face mean?

Face Mapping: What does the Location of Pimples on your face mean?

May 20, 2020

Face Mapping: What does the Location of Pimples on your face mean?

Nothing is coincidental in this life. And certainly not the point where the pimples on your face popup. But let’s take things from the beginning: unless you have laid on your face a foundation that expired 5 years ago, or if you slept with makeup, pimples emerge on our face for different reasons. And depending on the cause they also appear in different areas of the face.

Do you know why some people have pimples on the forehead, others on the chin, and so on? Identifying pimples on different parts of your face is called Face Mapping, it is known worldwide and below is all the info you need to know!

Tell us where you get pimples to tell you what it means!

From where we see acne, we can usually understand the cause. Acne is the outbreak, that is what you are seeing. To treat acne, you need to know where it comes from.

Pimples on the forehead

Yes, those who have bangs are more likely to develop pimples on the forehead due to both sweat and styling products. The question is: if I have no bangs, why do I get pimples there? Pimples on the forehead usually have to do with digestion and our gastrointestinal system. This requires a lot more water, tea and anything wet. It also helps to consume antioxidants such as forest fruits and lemons.

Pimples on the nose

This location has to do with the heart, so the pimples that appear there are from stress. We can help with something relaxing just before we sleep as stress during the day is not easily controlled. Also, stress is greatly reduced by a good eight-hour sleep so the body can recover from the condition it is in.

Pimples on the left cheek

Pimples on the cheeks are a) one of the most common places where we have pimples b) very difficult to cover them. But learn this too: pimples on the right cheek and pimples on the left cheek are caused by two completely different causes: “Pimples on the left cheek are usually associated with our lungs and this has to do with some allergies we have, with smoking and generally our respiratory system. So if someone smokes, they have to stop smoking, avoid places where there is smoke and get more fresh air.

Pimples on the right cheek

This is our reproductive system and these pimples have to do with hormonal disorders and polycystic ovaries. Therefore, we always want foods high in iron and also high in folic acid. Ideally for these cases we use maca root, which is the best natural remedy for regulating hormones in women. It is a Peruvian root, like ginger, which we either get it in powder form (in all organic stores) and put it in our smoothie, salads, yogurt, or capsules in selected pharmacies. It is colorless and tasteless so it does not affect our taste.

Pimples on the chin

It is often that we will have a pimple or two on our chin. And it happens to most of us, right? This location is about constipation and the small intestine. The secrete here is that we avoid packaged foods and fast food. Generally, however, if someone wants to combat acne on the face, they need to eat nutritionally and intake enough water, avoid sugar and saturated fats.