Detoxification of the Skin – There are the 4 Necessary Steps

Detoxification of the Skin – There are the 4 Necessary Steps

June 19, 2019

Follow these necessary detoxification steps to get a glowing and youthful face!


1. Give: Your skin the ingredients it needs

The use of a nourishing serum at any time during the day is considered essential for rejuvenating the skin, even over makeup. Look for formulations with caviar extract that fills up the wrinkles and smooths the skin. You will immediately notice the difference. Recent studies, moreover, show that properly hydrated cells can better carry renewal messages to the deeper layers of the skin by providing overall revitalization.

2. Invest: In creams with antioxidants

Adding these powerful free radical eliminators to your daily routine of beauty, helps your skin resist strong sunlight, pollution and aging. In addition, to make sure the effect is lasting, you should not just spread anti-oxidant care products, but also eat foods that contain them. Make sure your anti-aging creams contain vitamins A, C, E and above all Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant! Also try to consume tomatoes, berries and dark green vegetables on a daily basis.

3. Clean: Your skin with “steam”

Most of the time specialist use a warm piece of cloth, which fits on the face by pressing it with their fingers. This is because the massage activates blood circulation giving a fresh appearance to the face, soothing black circles and properly preparing the skin to accept the products that follow. At home, fill a bowl with warm water, add 20 drops of lavender oil and dip in a towel. Squeeze the towel and do a light massage all over the face. Finish this mini spa by refreshing the face with cold water to boost blood circulation.

4. Massage your face

It improves blood circulation, elasticity of the skin, stimulates the tissues and smooths out wrinkles. Spread a face oil or a moisturizing cream on your palms, start upward movements from the neck to the jaw and drag your fingers along.