Caviar in Cosmetic, the Precious Black Gold!

Caviar in Cosmetic, the Precious Black Gold!

January 18, 2019

Ah, caviar! Savor a spoonful of the precious black gold for New Year’s Eve? With pleasure. To fully cover your body and face with sturgeon eggs? Maybe not…Caprice for the stars or miracle products? An ingredient that has not finished surprising us!


Caviar in cosmetics: the origins

Facial lifting or body sculpting treatment, caviar in cosmetics has been used for several decades in the formulation of luxurious treatments with multiple results: radiance, vitality, anti-aging effect…conquered by the promise of a newfound youth, many women invest in this innovative face care. But if the rarity and the price of this inaccessible product are sufficient for the development of advertising campaigns, what is really its cosmetic properties?
It was in the 70s that Ingrid Millet remarked with astonishment the incredible youth of the hands of the Caspian fishermen despite their permanent exposure to cold and salt. He then came up with the idea of having the sturgeon eggs analyzed. The French laboratory in charge of this analysis made a verdict: the mysterious little black grain contains essential assets – omega 3, lipids, proteins and mineral salts – perfectly assimilated by the skin. On the strength of her discovery, in 1972 she created the bio-marine extract and launched the first cosmetic range with caviar.


Caviar in cosmetics: precious anti-aging virtues

This success sturgeon owes it to vitelline, the key substance of its eggs and a true elixir of youth. Carbohydrates and polyunsaturated fatty acids for hydration, vitamins, minerals and trace elements to boost cell renewal, but especially proteins for the nutrition of mature skin: caviar extract obviously has interesting properties in order to fight against skin aging!