CAVIAR IN BEAUTY: A Flagship Ingredient

CAVIAR IN BEAUTY: A Flagship Ingredient

March 29, 2021

Caviar in cosmetics provides hydration, nutrition, anti-aging and protective vitamins. It fights against aging and these luxurious little eggs are popular with stars like Angelina Jolie, who praised the benefits of anti-aging caviar creams to keep the skin in perfect condition.

The benefits of caviar in cosmetics are considerable
Caviar has the same vital substances as the skin such as magnesium, calcium, amino acids and omega-3. Thus, the hydrolipidic film of the skin is strengthened, its elasticity is maintained and the production of collagen is stimulated. Furthermore, flexibility, firmness and antioxidant defenses are increased.

Naturally occurring sugars in caviar, provide hydration and protein nutrition. The highly unsaturated lipids present in its composition have lubricating effects on very dry and very mature skin. In addition, the trace elements revitalize the skin considerably.

Caviar alone contains 47 vitamins and minerals
Caviar of Switzerland cosmetics are rich in natural ingredients and contribute to the revitalization of the skin and its restructuring, particularly in cellular metabolism. They contain all the substances necessary to maintain the youthfulness of the skin while regenerating the tissues by producing collagen.

We put luxury on our plates, but caviar is present in our day cream and our night cream and acts as an elixir of youth for your skin. A luxurious product, that will be the guardian angel of your skin. Indeed, naturally rich in protein, essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and anti-oxidants, its composition will offer a real boost to your skin.

Elixir of youth for mature skin
This miracle ingredient indeed has all the necessary assets to keep the skin young and radiant. A flagship ingredient of our prestigious brand, in a century where women are trying to fight the signs of old age, our caviar cosmetics come to meet your needs.

A cocktail of antioxidants
Naturally rich in regenerative and repairing ingredients, caviar is a cocktail of antioxidants. Nutrient rich substances and full of natural assets, it will allow your skin to regenerate and revitalize.

Nutrition and hydration
The presence of Vitelline which is a very nutritious substance, will provide all the trace elements, vitamins and amino acids that will allow your skin to regain its firmness while providing the hydration it needs in everyday life.

Regeneration of our cells
This range will allow the stem cells of mature skin to recover the cellular vitality of their youth. These cells will thus become more numerous, better protected and will exert a rejuvenating effect on the synthesis of collagen and the fibroblast which is a resident cell of the skin to ensure flexibility and consistency.