7 Tricks To Look Fresh When You Are Tired

7 Tricks To Look Fresh When You Are Tired

December 09, 2020

At last, summer is here for good. The temperatures rise, our mood changes and our evening walks are more often. The day is longer and our nights out are more. Many times it has occurred to me to look at my watch and be surprised at how fast the time has passed.

Maybe in the summer I can sleep a little longer and some mornings my eyes are a little swollen. It is known that the eyes reveal your everyday life. Whether you work long hours, or stay a little longer at yesterday’s exit, they say it all. Most tips to make you look fresh are simple and can be done with materials that you have in your home.

After a long night I try to find ways to look glamorous. Below I will tell you some tricks that I follow to make my eyes look more relaxed. Follow one of them and the result will surprise you. Even after a long night out you will be ready and bright for the rest of the day.

1. Tighten the skin

Caffeine is one very good friend of skin tightening. Place two sachets of black tea on your eyes for five minutes. Caffeine strengthens the blood vessels, which reduces the intense bags under the eyes. Alternatively, you can find moisturizing creams containing caffeine and/or vitamin K that offer youthful and bright skin.

2. Stimulate blood circulation

You may have heard it before as it is an old trick that guarantees fast results. Place two spoons in the freezer from the night before and massage the areas under and around your eyes. First the low temperature of the metal helps tighten the swollen skin and second the circular movements with the surface of the spoon improve blood circulation. Five to ten minutes along with your morning coffee and you’re ready.

3. Less salt

The day after a long night try to reduce the consumption of salt and salty foods. Salt exacerbates swelling, so your eyes look tired. To reduce salt absorption, prefer foods rich in vitamin B such as spinach or high in potash like bananas and sweet potatoes.

4. Turn focus elsewhere

A very quick solution is to turn focus elsewhere if you feel your eyes seem tired. Highlight your lips with an intense lipstick making a stylish choice that helps you hide the imperfections of that day.

5. Potato instead of cucumber

Now you can replace the classic recipe that suggests slicing cucumber slices and use potatoes instead. Yes it works and this is why. Potatoes contain an enzyme called catecholase that gradually helps the skin to shine. To confirm the theory place thin slices of potatoes on your eyes for ten minutes and see your skin gradually change.

6. Remember to drink plenty of water

As in all cases water helps and is naturally refreshing. Hydration is the best solution and when we are tired we must remember to drink plenty of water. Have a large bottle on your desk or in the workplace so you can remember to consume the necessary amount. Add a little ice to get a refreshing effect on those hot days.

7. Your eyes must blink

It may seem natural to you, but we often blink our eyes when we are calm. When we sit for hours in front of the computer, which often happens during working hours, the body stops to moisten the eyes at the same pace. Remember to do this at regular intervals so that the eye area does not get worse and you may feel more relaxed.

In addition to the above, it is good in our everyday life to remember to care for the eye area as it is one of the most expressive parts of our body. Clean up your makeup every night and also if you want to hydrate your skin, always use a high quality face cream. Also for every kind of skin and age there is the right eye cream and when you look tired, it may be the right time to use it.