6 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Anti-Aging Cream

6 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Anti-Aging Cream

January 22, 2021

When we get a new anti-wrinkle eye cream or an anti-aging face cream, we automatically get our hopes up that we will soon get a fresh and youthful look, shine on our skin, and all that without any effort! But as effective as cosmetics against aging are, the truth is that if we do not do our best and try to help their effectiveness, we may get late the desired results. Something to which the American Academy of Dermatology also agrees. So let’s look at the most important steps to maximize our weapons against aging.

1. Start with a facial anti-aging product, as the parallel use of multiple products together can cause skin irritation and irritation adds years to your face, which you not only do not want, but you fight against! Keep it simple and use a face cream, an eye cream and a serum. This complete set will allow you to avoid overloading your skin with products!

2. Whether we are talking about anti-wrinkle eye creams or other anti-aging products, try it before you apply it to your face! Since the skin differs from person to person, it is a good idea to test them first by applying a small amount on the inside of your forearm twice a day for 4-5 days. If the skin does not show redness or other irritation, you can use the cream.

3. Anti-wrinkle creams or anti-wrinkle eye creams do not come in random with a leaflet. Carefully read what is written in the instructions, as misuse – less or more than desirable – can lead to dehydration, clogged pores, or just not having the results we want.

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4. Give the product time to act. Many women are waiting for a couple of applications to see spectacular results. The truth is, however, that anti-aging creams and anti-wrinkle eye creams require up to three months to show visible results. This, of course, does not mean that their action begins then, just that then is when you see the best results.

5. It is still important to continue using anti-wrinkle products and after seeing the desired results, to continue using them. If you stop using them, it is sensible to for unwanted lines and wrinkles to appear again on the face and around the eyes.

6. Protect your skin from the sun in order to help the action of anti-wrinkle creams – since radiation, among other things, causes photo-aging. Sunscreen protection allows cells to replenish more easily, and reduces the risk of melanoma. So do not leave the house without sunscreen.